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In heritage brick homes with original Brick Tuckpointing or Brick Repointing, a brick wall tells the historical characteristic and story of the building. And that’s not all – the aged bricks contribute to the overall aesthetics of the facade, especially when the bricks have this worn-out look. However, what if at some point these bricks endanger the safety of the people inhabiting the building or home? Does aesthetics overcome safety and functionality?

Although bricks last for a hundred years or more, the same is not true for the mortar joints that hold the structure together. As commonly known, the mortar joints eventually become damaged or weakened because of harsh outdoor conditions. Instances like rainwater absorbing through the mortar or moisture causing the rock masonry to crumble are common to Tuckpointed or Repointed brick structures or homes in Newcastle

When cases like these arise, you may want to preserve it through Brick Tuck pointing and Brick Repointing. This is where Tuckpointing Newcastle comes into the picture to help you. With several years of experience in the industry of brickwork restoration, Tuckpointing Newcastle provides the best Brick Repointing services to homes n Newcastle NSW, Australia and in areas nearby.

Our wide-range of services includes all brickwork restoration for both commercial and residential areas, and we give free quotations upon calling us. Our company specialises in the following:

  • Brick Cleaning and Waterproofing

  • Top quality Brick Repointing and Brick Tuckpointing

  • Brick Staining

  • Lintel Repairs

As emphasised, the bricks on a wall can last about a hundred years, but mortar has a much shorter lifespan of about 50 years, depending on how harsh the weather conditions are with respect to water and moisture absorption. It is usually the layout and the positioning of the wall that impact how water contributes to damaging the joints.

The moment masonry works become damaged, the wisest option that a homeowner can choose is to restore the affected part by Brick Repointing or Brick Tuckpointing. You wouldn’t want to let your brick wall collapse. Otherwise, this would cost you a total rebuild of the area affected. Don’t let things slip out of your control; contact our expert brick repointers at Tuckpointing Newcastle before it’s too late. We’re the experts at Brickwork Restorations in Newcastle. Our professional brick pointers will create a colour to perfectly match your current brick facade. By doing so, it will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also protect it from further deterioration.

Only Hire Experts Like Tuckpointing Newcastle

Magnificent Brick Repointing in Newcastle NSW

Below are the benefits when you hire us:

  • We can thoroughly clean any brick or masonry.

  • We perform small or large scale waterproofing.

  • We significantly elevate the look of your building.

  • We have a team that is highly experienced and trained to perform brick restoration.

  • We make a standard preparation of mortar cutting and re-layering.

  • We create accurate colour or tone matching.

  • We uphold professional workmanship.

  • We also have masonry specialists.

  • We also perform Brick Repairs

  • We always conduct strategy planning and task management.

Signs When You Need To Repair Your Masonry

Although brick masonry can stand the test of time, this does not necessarily mean that they don’t require maintenance. The most vulnerable part of a brick structure is the mortar joints. Within 20-30 years, the mortar joints may start to show signs of deterioration.

When it happens, you must act right away in order to preserve it. It’s a good thing that Tuckpointing Newcastle is always on-the-go to provide all your brick repointing, brick Tuckpointing and brick repair and restoration needs.

Below are more signs that your mortar joints require immediate solution:

Not all parts of a brick structure require Brick Repointing or Brick Tuckpointing. So, it is best if the colour of the new mortar matches the original mortar joints. Otherwise, you will end up with two bricks of different tones. As a result, this can be an eyesore to people passing by.

It is equally crucial that you also use the right type of mortar, aside from choosing the right colour tone to match the brick. The quality of the mortar for the restoration needs to be of the same strength or at least, slightly weaker than the original one. Failure to observe these will not allow the mortar to stick to the structure.

To make sure that a proper comparison of the material strength is made, it is best left to a professional like Tuckpointing Newcastle.

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Brick repointing by us in Newcastle NSW
Quality Brick Repointing Newcastle NSW
Quality Brick Repointing Newcastle NSW


Tuckpointing is an old-style process that fills the gaps between mortar and brick on masonry chimneys and walls. It makes use of a colour-coordinated paint of the mortar to match the brick, creating the illusion of fine joints across the brick wall.
It is important to keep in mind that tuckpointing is only needed every 25-30 years; depending on where you live and on what the weather conditions are in a year. However, in areas with heavy rainfall, high humidity, and other harsh outdoor conditions, you will have to resort to tuckpoint more frequently.
In terms of temperature, tuckpointing should be done when the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit within 24 hours to 72 hours. Ideally, tuckpointing should also be done when there’s no rain or when it occurred, at least several hours following it.
Tuckpointing is the process whereby the deteriorated mortar in the joints between the bricks is replaced. It is more than a simple repaint job. This is a job fit for the expert brick pointers like Tuckpointing Newcastle.
It is important that you ask yourself: how was it installed? Was the depth proper? Was the proper cement/sand mix and strength accounted for? Commonly, a tuckpointing can last for about 30 years if done right.

On one hand, homeowners opt for tuckpointing because it creates a crisper illusion. The reason behind is that the mortar matches the colour of the bricks. You won’t even notice where the mortar ends and the brick begins, unless you examine it up close. The fillets also add to the illusion, fooling the eye into seeing that the lines are the actual mortar joints. Ultimately, it really makes the entire wall look as if it is from scratch.

On the other hand, repointing creates a softer look on the new mortar joints. However, the corners of the bricks won’t be formed perfectly into squares, and the repointed mortar joints point out the discrepancies more clearly.

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