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Repointing specialists in Newcastle, NSW

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    The Process of Brick Repointing

    At some point, repointing is needed throughout the life of any brick structure. It is an affordable way to restore the brick structure of your wall or chimney. The process of tuckpointing essentially involves the taking out the damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. Thus, you preserve the surrounding bricks from harsh outdoor elements.

    Although repointing is a dusty job and demands expert skills, it can be achieved by the help of a professional mason. To be more knowledgeable about repointing, here is a process flow:





    When Do You Need Brick Repointing

    If you see that bricks have gaps, it is an indicator that brick repointing is needed for your whole brick structure. Below are more signs to look out for :

    • There are stair-stepped cracks. When cracks shaped in the formation of stairs appear in the upper or lower part of the brick structure, don’t panic yet. However, you need to be cautious as this may be a sign of damage in the brick foundation.

    • There are spalling bricks. Spalling is a natural effect of water damage. This could result in the peeling, popping or flaking off of the brick surface.

    • The brick wall structure is tilting. The tilting of a brick wall is not a mistrial occurrence. So, if you notice that the brick structure is shifting out of place, you will need to address this issue immediately before it gets more out of hand.

    • There are weeds that grow between joints. If this happens, never pull off weeds as these might cause bigger problems. As a safety measure, a proper action such as Brick Repointing must be taken to remove the weeds before actually fixing mortar joints.

    If your brick structure shows any of these indicators, you must immediately contact an expert brick repointing specialist like us. At Newcastle Tuckpointing, our team of expert brick pointers is more than willing to help you with your repointing needs, so give them a call today.

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